More than just a re-brand.

Torrefazione Gennaro is the result of the continued pursuit of the passion of crafting incredible coffee.

Establishing himself in 1983, Gennaro quickly became a New York City coffee staple in the world of Italian espresso.

One generation later, he has partnered with his son whom has earned his own reputation in the specialty coffee community.

Combining the passion for old, new and traditional Neapolitan coffee, Torrefazione Gennaro is born.

Aside from our unique mesh of old/new, our traditional blends have been improved and modernized by implementing: coffee sourcing, roast profiling and blending methods utilized in the specialty coffee world. Resulting in the elevation of flavor, quality and consistency of our espresso blends enjoyed for more than four decades.

All Torrefazione Gennaro coffee is roasted, blended and packed at our facility in Staten Island, New York. We pride ourselves in offering coffee free of any additives or fillers.

We'd love to meet you over an espresso, visit us at our roastery and retail shop at:

11 Brick Court
Unit 5
Staten Island, NY 10309

Jamme bell', ja'!